Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Internet Seer is a Fraud Site That Aims To Get Money From You

This is just to let you know about a rogue site. The site is InternetSeer


Somehow it stops Google from picking up a web page from your site. I don't know how these people do this, but they do. My web page went from number one in Google to disappearing.

I changed the name of the web page and it appeared again in the listings a month later.

An email is sent to you from InternetSeer:

"Second Error Alert Your Web site is still not responding
URL: http://tysaustralia.com/australianhistoriography.html
Time: Fri Oct 23 08:46:25 EDT 2009
Error Type: 500 Internal Server ErrorSupport-FAQWhy is your Web Site not responding? The error listed above could have been caused by any number of events including connectivity problems in the Internet. Please refer to our Error Codes for additional information on the specific error. This error is not necessarily a problem with your hosting service or Web server. Click here to learn more. "

I have checked my web page regularly and I know that it was responding on 10/23/09.

When I click on a link in the email AVG gives the following message:

If my web page was down how did they know it?

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