Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Get Around (bypass) the Australian Internet Filtering System

The Australian Government is about to introduce a filtering system for Internet web sites. Until now I have stayed out of the debate believing it to be good. But the government has overstepped the mark in banning the site set up by Dr Phillip Nitschke. On the site he allows the download of a book on how to end a life in the most "comfortable" manner possible. The majority of people will never need this book. For those who do, however, the information offered is needed and appreciated. They do have the right to access this material.

There is a way to bypass the obstruction set up by the Federal Government. It is quite straightforward. Being an Australia you have the legal right to surf the Internet from an Internet provider based overseas (note, this is also a way to watch television programs,music and video that is available to citizens of that country). The cost is just a few dollars for the Internet Provider based in Ireland that gives access to the BBC and other British programs. At the current exchange rate it is less than $10 a month.

To get this service go to My Private Network. It shows the cost is £5 a month. When you click the "SIGN UP NOW" it shows £10. You should still be able to get the special offer, however. Sign up with a bankcard or debit card.

You will get an email with the link my-private-network get-started. Remember your login name and password because you will have to contact "Support" to get it sent to you again. Go straight to the Get Started link if you have Vista. Enter your details as shown. That's it. You can change from your existing IP to the overseas one by going to the start menu and clicking "Connect To".

When you surf using the overseas IP note that you will be treated as if you are a British national. That means you have access to a lot of useful things.
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