Sunday, October 9, 2016

Canary Browser Has Stopped Working - Will Not Open

Canary browser stops opening try Chrome 64 portable.
Try Chrome 64 Browser

Canary browser can suddenly stop working on some laptops and PCs. There seems to be no fix for this issue. Believe me I have tried everything, old restore points, choosing Windows 8 compatibility, uninstalling/reinstalling both Canary and Chrome - nothing works. Oddly, I have another laptop and PC and Canary browser continues to work on them.
Chrome 64bit portable
Ah well, we will have to move forward. Windows 10 is c..p anyway. Are you aware that Windows 10 has been completely rewritten since the free upgrade. It looks the same but it is as different as IOS. 

I recommend you download and try Chrome 64 Portable. Yes there is a 64bit version out there.

     The download link is on the Portable Apps webpage.

     The direct download link is here

I hope your computing is bug free.
Good Luck!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

WYSIWYG Webbuilder is Not Compatible With Windows 10

Will not run, will not operate correctly, error, not working
WYSIWYG Webbuilder is not compatible with Windows 10.  It will not operate correctly.  It runs very slowly, does not respond and whites out.  The developers of WB must act soon or they will go out of business.
WYSIWYG Webbuilder 11
If you make a new post in WB community and it contains words such "will not work", "does not operate correctly" and so on it will be removed.  However, you cannot hide or run from the truth.  The software is incompatible.

WYSIWYG Webbuilder it still taking money from people.  They know they are stealing!

The Windows 10 free upgrade was okay.  WB did work with that operating system.  Microsoft has secretly rewritten the whole Windows 10 system.  It looks the same as the free upgrade but underneath, it is absolutely, totally different.

It is possible that WB will be hit with legal action.  If people pay and lock themselves into the WB system they could suffer monetary loss in the near future when they are unable to effectively edit their sites.