Thursday, July 19, 2012

Google Must Be Prosecuted For Charging Non-US Users of Google Voice

Google Gmail offers a new Internet phone service if you have a Gmail Account. There is one thing about running such a service on the Internet; that is it costs nothing for the company providing the service to run. Users pay a local telephone company for access to the Internet from their homes and on their mobile phones. The connection goes through each country via local telephone companies servicing the internet and phone lines.

There is no charge for US Gmail users and a charge per call for those living in other countries. Though it is a small amount it is discriminatory. The Internet goes all around the world like a net. Access to this net is open to anyone. No country charges its population to access the net to other countries. The European furniture company Ikea has already been accused of cross-subsidization for charging different prices for the same products in different countries. The production and even distribution costs are much the same.

Google's discrimination against non-US citizens must be stopped. Legal action must be pursued. Such charging by Google is illegal unless it also charges US citizens. Please comment on this because this is really annoying and should not happen. Google is an international company not a US company.