Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reciprocal Link Code Often Has Serious Errors That Mess Up Your Site Ranking

You have to be careful when making reciprocal links. Many websites that offer HTML code for you to use don't spend enough time checking their code.

A site as an example is "".

It offers quite pretty little set ups for you to put on your site. The "feature" even has a search function with a text entry window and a go button.

But beware, the code has dozens of HTML code faults, yes dozens.

If you put this HTML in your web page Google and other search engines will give up when it meets the mass of errors, and the text after the code will not be included in the search. This is bad news for you - your website will rate poorly.

Don't just assume that reciprocal link HTML is correct. Download the Firefox HTML Validator plugin and look at the code before you use it.


Another thing is non-existent reciprocal links. On many occasions whether you ask for a reciprocal link yourself or another site asks you, after you put their link on your page they don't honor their part of the bargain. They just assume you will not check it. Go to and do a check. If they don't put your link on their site remove them from your own website. Furthermore, a link from your homepage is wonderful for the other site, but a link to their link page is useless for you. Nobody clicks on a link to a link sub-page. For a link to count it must be to and from homepages or between internal pages that are rated in their own right by Google. Basically, getting reciprocal links to directories is a waste of time and effort. They have no links on their home page and all outgoing links are on worthless sub-pages.