Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things That Internet Explorer 9 IE9 Will Not Work With, Not Run, Software, Programs, Nailit, TweakWindow


There are some websites and software that Internet Explorer 9 will not allow to run correctly. This is due to the creators of IE9 not giving a damn about consumers. People will abandon IE9 in droves if they do not correct issues with this browser.

1. First of all the important blog site like Blogspot, yes the one you are using at this very moment, cannot be satisfactorily edited. Furthermore, it will not save an article. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, they all work perfectly okay when writing and saving articles in Blogspot. IE9 is a total failure.

2. I use "keep-on-top" software when using the computer it makes the work much easier when you have many programs open, and you can keep the main program on top and minimized. Unfortunately, "Nailit" and TweakWindows" will not work with IE9. All the other browsers are alright, but IE9 does not respond.

I have gone back to IE8. If time passes me by and they no longer offer support for this browser I will unfortunately have to abandon Internet Explorer all together.

Happy computing.
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