Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Problem When Changing Your Internet Provider to Telstra - Rapid Transfer and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

When you change to Telstra from an existing Internet provider you are not told about a delay in the changeover.

Telstra runs a system called Rapid Transfer, but it is a complete mess. It is not rapid at all. If you contact your existing Internet provider, Telstra cannot use this method. Consequently, you have to wait up to week with no Internet connection.

Consumers know nothing about rapid transfer nor what will happen if you email or phone your existing provider. Telstra knows about this issue but it does not intend to tell consumers.

When I contacted the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman I was insulted by him. His name is Warrick McArthur. He said I was just moaning because I wanted the world to work my way and I should accept the situation. This body is supposed to help consumers not the telecommunication companies.
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