Friday, September 25, 2009

Php Only Includes the First Line of Articles in Website Keywords Seen by Google

Beware of what php rss feed programs claim! If you manage to get php working on your site only the words in the first line of each article will be included in your website words when it is crawled by Google, Yahoo, etc. So the claim by RSS Feedreader and Include are incorrect. This means only those words you can actually see written under each article title when your webpage is displayed will be included in your site's key words. Authors who put feeds together will often paraphrase the first paragraph of an article. If this happens none of the articles text with be caught by Google when it checks your site.

Remember only the text actually displayed in the RSS articles on your webpage can be seen by Google - usually one sentence per article. Choose RSS sites with your keywords in the first line.

Another thing is that in "most cases" no words will be gleaned if the feed address has an ";rss" or ".rss" address, though many "/rss" and "=rss" addresses will work. Some will, some won't. Be sure to use feeds with ".xml" addresses if you want to have words that are seen by Google and Yahoo!

Though words are visible under each title in a feed with an "RSS" address, they are not usually visible to Google.

With rss addresses, keywords will show when you check the feed site with a keyword checking site, but they will not show when you have ".php" files on your server containing Include script for example, and you put links to the ".php" files in your webpages.

These problems are due to the way your server is set. Web hosting companies do not like to tell you how to turn off server protection. In fact they go out of their way to refuse changes.
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