Wednesday, June 27, 2012

World Will Lose Greek Heritage

The culture of Greece is at risk and this is where democracy was born, Surely, funding can be found from other countries. National cuts have reduced the archaelogical workforce to a dangerous low level. Up to 50 per cent of workers in total will be dismissed, Just maintaining ancient structures is expensive.

Of more immediate threat are museum pieces, not fixed ancient buildings though illegal diggings are threatening these. museum security guards have been laid off. Armed robberies are increasing. Offical research projects funded from other countries are continuing. but all local digs have ceased as the money is stopped.

Work on ancient walls built in the time of Pericles located under the metro rail line, no longer takes place. The dig is important to understand how the access way from Athens to the sea affected the way the fleet of ships was used during the Peloponnesian War.

There will be a real loss of experienced specialists as they take early retirement. Those left spend all their time in the office as work planning stops. Important scientific papers are not being written, so the world scientific community loses. People are digging holes all over the country to find small antiquities to sell for anything they can get. Income is falling for everyone and a few extra Euros feeds the family. Greek auction houses are getting a lot of the unprovenanced stock which they sell as no "genuine" artifacts are on the market.
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The Problems With Planet Domain Web Hosting, Reviews, Blog.


Planet Domain is a self-assured company, in that it believes in treating customers as it sees fit.  It also offers consumers a product of their own making and expects users to accept their price.  planet domain.
I have been a Planet Domain customer for over six years.  I am really upset at the way they are treating me.  Every year there is a hassle as they get confused over automatic credit card payment and sending out a bill.   They think "We will send them a bill whether they pay that way or they pay automatically, just to p... them off."    planet domain
Every month on the last two or three days my website runs out of bandwidth.  They are trying to make me pay $155 a year too increase my bandwidth. It's $240 for unlimited bandwidth. When I tell them all the other providers give unlimited bandwidth from the very basic package up, they just mumble away with a lame excuse.  planet domain
Planet Domain has an advertised table of Host Plans and a "secret" business system that is not really advertised.  They charge more for a business plan though you don't get anything more than the ordinary plans.    planet domain
They are moving all websites to new servers one at a time.  My turn came today.  The person on customer support told me he would send out a link explaining the delay I would experience.  Furthermore, he would send the link by email, only to my website server.  This was stupid, considering the server is down.  I don't have access to get the link!      planet domain
To put it bluntly their support technicians are second rate.  They can't even take justified customer complaints.  They recently sent me email saying I had no right to abuse them.  Well, with the service they offer they must get plenty of it.      planet domain

Please, take my advice and don't lodge your web hosting with Planet Domain.  I will certainly be changing.