Friday, November 12, 2010

IE Does Not Remember Name and Password: Sign into Blogger, Blogspot, the easy way

Get Auto complete working your way.

For most PCs using Internet Explorer, the Blogger Dashboard ( will not remember the name and password. Do this if your blogger sign in details are the same as your Gmail account.

Go to the Google/Blogger sign in page:

Type in your username usually your email address and password.
Sign in.

You will be taken to a page with all your Google owned sites listed:

Note: Blogger is on the list.
No, dont click it yet!

Now right click the mouse and add the Google sign in page to "Favorites"- the "" page (see this URL in IE address window).

Click Favorites at the top of IE.
Go down to the end of the Favorites list.

Note that it is there at the bottom as

Left click on this Favorite and drag it up onto the "Favorites Bar".
Right click and rename it "Blogger Account".

Next time you open Internet Explorer go to the Favorites Bar, click on the "Blogger Account" icon. When the Gmail page opens click on "Blogger" and your into the Blogger account very quick.

Oddly, if you have signed out of your Blogger account (like at Startup) and click the "Blogger Account" icon in the Favorites Bar, the page will now probably open with the normal Blogger sign in page and the autosave name and password feature will be working! Internet Explorer is a very peculiar creature

Another odd thing is that after you have done the above, Slim Browser which works by using the IE system on the computer will load you directly into Blogger using the "" link (note it is a different sign in page) without even asking for a name and password whether you are signed in or out of Blogger (but not IE). It makes you wonder just how many sign in pages Google and Blogger need?

P.S. Make sure "Protected Mode" is ticked in "Restricted sites", "Local intranet", Trusted sites" and Restricted sites" in Security on Internet Options. Otherwise, Blogger could keep opening IE after IE, over and over, because Internet Explorer is weird.